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What's 4DMAX Theater

4DMAX Motion Theater is the newest evolution in the 4D cinema experience, in a total immersive environmental where you actually feel the action on the screen, from the seats you are sitting into the effects around you.

Providing a revolutionary 4D cinematic experience which stimulates all five senses, the 4DMAX theatre includes high tech motion seats and special effects including fog, lightning, wind, scents, rain, face air, snow, etc, these 4D effects will give audiences interactive feelings when watching movies at 4DMAX cinema

4DMAX Theater has slowly been opened around the world, such as Africa, Philippine, etc,we did have no idea of 4D cinema firstly,we just have some feelings of different effects in this theatre, such as bubble, rain, fog, strobe, vibrating, etc, however, with more 4DMAX theaters openings from one country to another country,our overseas customers will start to know more about 3D&4D cinema differences,the audiences will enjoy the most immersive experience by seated in the 4DMAX chair,you feel the motion chair which can go side to side, up/down, forward/backward,etc. this dynamic chair should be designed and created by our 4DMAX technology, we will always focus on upgrading our core motion code technology, movie updates, etc, the final goal is to help audiences enjoy unique&incredible cinema experience all the world in the future.

4DMAX Theater has been gained great feedbacks from our Yingda partners,it not only helps customers increase more tickets than 3D theater,it also yields great revenues by choosing our 4DMAX cinema finally, its main meaningful things for 4DMAX theater is to make viewers enjoy the thrilling&hyper-realistic experience which they’ve never been before, we are pleased to share our more 4DMAX theater cases with you as below:

4DMAX Motion Theater4DMAX Motion Theater
4DMAX Motion Theater

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