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Why is the 4DMAX Dynamic Seat So Powerful?

The 4DMax 4d dynamic chair uses the Australian top layer cow leather. The so-called top layer leather has different types, of which the cyan leather and medium-thick leather are more expensive. The second layer leather is poor in quality and plasticity, and its fiber layer is thin. In the section, it can be clearly seen that its surface layer is formed by compression, and after long time use the surface will shed in large scale and the cortex will break. Generally speaking, the first layer of cowhide is the preferred material for making medium- and high-class theater sofa, because the leather is smooth, delicate and comfortable, the texture is clear, and the air permeability is good. Some 4d dynamic seat manufacturers, in order to reduce the cost, will replace cowhide with sheepskin. Sheepskin is light and soft, but worse than the cowhide in intention, and because it is smaller, when processing fabric we often need splicing, which will affect the beauty. Some more disgusting manufacturers even use the rough hogskin with poorer gloss.

Small as the sparrow is, it possesses all its internal organs. The saying cannot be more suitable for 4DMax 4d dynamic chair. 4DMax not only carries a strong sports executive, touch electric control system, LED highlighting indicator, touch panel and electric angle adjustment button, but also is equipped with safety design for leakage protection. All of these functions are to provide a more convenient operation interface to enhance the user experience at any point and at their pleasure. The 4DMAX electric sofa angle adjustment button has a maximum adjustment angle of 130 degrees. The 4DMax has broken through the traditional theater equipment. It represents a new direction and trend of the development of the new view art. It is a perfect interpretation of "immersion".

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