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4D cinema, also known as 4D special effect cinema, is a new kind of cinema based on stereoscopic and 3D cinema plus special effects of seats and the cinema environment. The special effects of seats (falling, low-frequency vibration, back poking, balling, ear wind, feet sweeping, water spraying, etc.) and of the environment (wind, rain, lightning, snow, etc.) which will be reasonably added and reduced according to the plot, make the scenes more vivid which enable the audience to gain a full sense of sight, hearing, touch and smell. They will feel "real" in the movies like a dream and have no idea whether they are in the cinema or in real life.

4D films have completely changed the way people watch films, achieving a revolutionary change from watching films with eyes to experiencing films with bodies.

4D films are a kind of creation in the cinema based on 2D or 3D films. In principle, any film or even video content can be edited and made into 4D films. 4D film special effect editor is a user-oriented extreme experience! 4D film research and development company Yingda Technology Co., Ltd. has always been the pioneer of the extreme view experience and the senior production team for the special effects of 4D films in theatre chain, knowing how to mobilize the audience's feelings and make the audience feel excited and joyful. Guided by the demand of the user market, the company aims to create a transcendental audio-visual sense of extreme experience and achieve the perfect combination and extreme unity of the effect of the special effect equipment and the plot. These 4D films will be synchronized with the 2D and 3D films of the same name around the country in order to realize the differentiated operation of cinemas.

We are not simply selling 4d cinema motion chair or building 4D cinemas, but also providing 4D films for a long time - we are 4D cinema pioneers and domestic leading 4D theater solutions service providers ---Yingda Technology Co., Ltd.

The 4D seat system of Yingda Film includes pneumatic airbag 4D seats, electric 4D seats, "airbag + electric" new electric 4D seats, etc., to meet users' various needs.
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