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The 4D home theater system, which integrates four-dimensional special effects equipment, acoustic optoelectronic technology, various environmental special effects equipment and elaborate stereoscopic films, makes the tourists entirely immersed in a realistic simulation environment and brings novelty fun of high-tech products while experiencing a strong sense of presence and shock.

4D home cinema equipment

1. Stereoscopic glasses
Polarized light glasses are most commonly adopted, for the domestic 4D film is basically polarization format with wonderful stereo effect. The glasses are light, so as not to be uncomfortable during wearing. Most important of all, the color distortion is pretty slight.

2, 4D dynamic motion seat

3, 4D home cinema screen

As to the material, metal screen is supposed to be ideal, which is suitable for the stereoscopic film of the fixed projection place. It is able to improve the picture brightness. When the film is played with good reduction of the polarized light.
The reduction of polarized light by metal screen can be expressed by the ratio of polarized light passing and blocking. The detection method: place a polarizer before a constant light source (through a steady slide projector) to project the polarized light onto the screen, and place another polarizer before the luminance meter to measure the reflected light on the screen. Adjust the angle of the polarizer before the luminance meter to obtain the maximum luminance value, then rotate the polarizer for 90 degrees to get the minimum brightness value.

4. Special environmental effects

Add carefully designed smoke, rain, optoelectronics, bubbles, scents, scenes, and personages to 3D. You can customize balloons, flames, and objects to fall ( like dropping crabs even RMB from the sky, whatever you can imagine). The movie plot in the four-dimensional movie combines the above special effects create an immersive experience for the audience.

So when watching 4D movies, viewers can get the full sense of vision, hearing, touch, smell etc, and experience the feeling of being on the scene like dreams. Through this series of technical improvements and innovations, the four dimensional film and television has broken through the traditional concept of the film as a light and shadow art, and has become a new and real high-tech product.

5, 4D stereoscopic film

There are few 4D sources--- it may be the consensus after contacting and understanding the 4D home cinema, but with the arrival of many stereoscopic movies, I believe this situation will soon be improved.
6. Digital sound system

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