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Yingda 4D Home Theater - Welcome You to Visit Us at 2018 CIT EXPO on June 22-24th,2018

CIT Expo

Welcome you to visit us&our Yingda factory in Beijing

Yingda Booth No: 3KD

Exhibition time: June 22-24th,2018

Exhibition Place: Hall A,1st floor, Beijing National Convention Center, Beijing City, China

Yingda factory

The upcoming CIT 2018 Expo will be held in June in Beijing. It should bring the different kinds of cutting-edge technologies about the Audio and Video Integration field, hot products and core solution. This Expo has attracted many well-known brand manufacturers, agents, distributors, system integrators and content service providers from home and abroad. According to diversified development of the professional and commercial Audio-Video intelligent market hot spots, it can make the exhibition area-oriented including home Audio and Video entertainment, living room theater, video-on-demand theater, custom installation, high-end audio, smart home, digital entertainment, living life and many other aspects, so that the CIT 2018 becomes a comprehensive large-scale exhibition integrating home and professional Audio and Video integration.

The one core content of 2018 CIT exhibition is to focus on the rapid development of the living room theater market, launch a new laser television area.

This CIT 2018 Expo will also continue to present various cutting-edge multi-channel Audio and Video entertainment systems in The system integration/high-end cinema areas

In this CIT 2018, you will see the many kinds of film contents shows video-on-demand theater and home theater, it is from system supply to complete solution, from film contents to Audio&Video equipment, etc

Our Yingda Professional&Creative Manufacturer should show our innovative technology&latest style 4D motion chair for 4D home theater at CIT 2018 Expo, it can make all audiences enjoy hyper-realistic&immersive experiences at our booth:3KD, this motion chair can sync with playing Hollywood movies perfectly, it can also complete 3DOF motion effects(heave, roll, pitch&vibrating) and realize the real simulations of film plots on the screen. We have already exported many chairs to Europe, USA, Canada, etc. Welcome you to experience it in our showroom on June 22-24,2018, we believe it will bring you great journey when watching movies soon.

4d motion chair

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