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4D Home Cinema

4DMAX Home Cinema is to supply all customers the best non-distracting&thrilling cinematic motion available in the world, the benefits of updated immersive technology could be experienced in all family home theaters.the best immersive cinematic motion could be integrated into customers’ home theater which makes viewers enjoy the most amazing&realistic experience, the content has 4DMAX motion code designed for it.

4DMAX HD 4D Player is Core Part of 4D Home Cinema

The 4D player can sync with 4D motion sofa completely,it can control the Motion Sofa,4DMAX motion code is built inside the player,it uses colorful image dynamic processing technology, high-end super clear cinema video system, HDMI digital HD video image, High-end configuration, mass film contents,It brings you into the perfect world of audio&video.

4DMAX motion code system generates the real-life motion effects, such as vibrating,pitch, rolling, left/right, forward/back, etc,it can bring viewers great entertainment experiences, the viewers feel like they are actually inside the movie,motion code is updated in real time for customers,it also has about 5-6film updates each month.once you’ve tried motion code system, you will never want to watch another movie,4DMAX motion effects are totally addictive.

Mass online Film&Video

Support, Watch Movies, TV, News, etc; Powerful Processor Performance and Large Memory Space, ensure Smooth Supports for Various of APP Applications, such as K song, Games, Music, Meet Your Needs Completely.

4DMAX Motion Sofa and Hard Disk Player Connects

to the same network through the network wire, the hard disk player plays 4D Hollywood Blockbuster movies, 4D Motion sofa could completely realize the simulation of every movement of the film plots(4D Hollywood Blockbuster movies are with motion code).
4DMAX Motion Sofa and hard disk player connects

4DMAX Motion Chair is 3DOF Electric motion platform seat,our 4DMAX 4D high-end player controls the motion chair,the motion code is installed inside the player, it can synchronize with Hollywood movies completely, it also can realize the realistic feelings of vibrating, sweep leg, sway&twist, back shaker, bottom shaker, face air, etc. It brings audiences immersive&exciting experiences.

4DMAX Motion Code real time updates for customers, it can make audiences experience new movies each month at home theater, it can play nearly 2hrs long movies for you, every movie has one story, it brings you on a journey with the different characters.

Technical Parameters of 4D Home Cinema Motion Chair

Product Name

4DMAX MotionChair

3DOF Motion Effects


Product Model


Vibrating Frequency


Seat Capacity

1 person/seat

Servo Motor Speed


Load Capacity(KG)


Speed Reducer Reduction Ratio


Dynamic Way

Pitch Range±15º

Pitch Speed  0-30º/s

Pitch Acceleration 0-60º/s^2

Motion positioning precision


Swing Movement

Tilt Range±15º

Tilt Speed  0-30º/s

Tilt Acceleration 0-60º/s^2

Dynamic Response Time



Top Quality Real leather

Working Temperature




Lifting Movement

Lifting Range 0-100mm

Lifting Speed 0-150mm/s

Lifting Acceleration 0.5g



Motion Seat Weight(kg)


Ground Loading Capacity


Diagram of 4D Motion Chair

4d home cinema seat

4D Motion Chair effect
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Yingda 4dmax Home Cinema
Yingda 4dmax Home Cinema
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