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4D Motion Seat

4D Motion Seat

4DMAX 4D Motion Seat is high technology 3dof crank motion platform chair, according to specific theaters,there are different attractive designs of seats for customers, such as 4 seats in one row,5 seats in one row,2 seats in one row, etc,the material is custom made by our customer's requests, such as PU leather, etc,they are able to syn with Hollywood movies perfectly in 4D Cinema or Theater,it also can realize the realistic feelings of vibrating, sweep leg, sway&twist, back shaker,b ottom shaker, ace air, etc.

4D cinema system, it combines four-dimensional special effects equipment, sound and light technology, various environmental special effects equipment with three-dimensional film, so that it can fully make viewers immerse in realistic simulation environment, enjoy the thrilling experience with strong sense of presence& visual impact. At the same time, you can feel the novel funs that brought by high-tech 4D cinema system.

4D Dynamic Seat contains five special effects that controlled by the computer according to the storyline of the film, such as falling, shaking, air jet, water spray, and sweep leg,vibrating,etc. In addition, it is specially designed with smoke, rain, fog, bubble, smell, scenery, character performances, etc. introducing 3D film is to mobilize all the perception system of people and makes people really enter the film plots.

Electric dynamic seat for three degrees of freedom dynamic system. Electric dynamic seat adopts crank mechanism, servo motor and reducer.

Dynamic seat left and right movement: left and right swing, up and down
Dynamic seat and back upward movement:15 degrees or 10 degrees
Air Jet, spray water, sweep legs, vibration, back poker
The mechanical structure and the motor are used to realize the vibration effect
Advanced design concept, precision machining, effectively reduce the height of the seat for most theaters

Function of 4D Motion Seat

Function of 4D motion seat
Water spray: spray little amount of water into the audience's face to simulate sneezing, broken pipe, etc.

Air jet: compressed air is blown directly onto the audience's face, which simulates the impact of explosion and bullet flying. The air jet effect is done by air nozzles each seat, acting on the head and neck of the audience;

3DOF Motion Movement: up and down, left and right, forward and back movements,it can realize the simulation of pitch, roll, heave movements, it is often used to simulate left and right roll, flight, run in the film, forward suspension, fall, upward looking, take off, and look up movements.

Vibration: the device is built into the seat cushion, which can be pushed up and down, so that the audience could feel the sense of "vibration" up and down.

Leg sweep: small flexible air hoses are hung under each seat. When rats, snakes, insects and other animals appear in the film, the soft hoses will flap the audience's legs, which can simulate the feeling of animals slipping under the audience's legs.

Back poker: new equipment is built into the backrest of the seat, which can push forward when it is applied, making the audience feel the sudden "vibration" on the back, with strong "back poker" and "electric shock".

4D Dynamic cinema will make viewers enjoy thrilling&hyper-realistic experience when watching movies, Yingda surely did many different small&big 4D cinema projects at home and abroad markets, for more details, please kindly check our 4D motion cinema video, welcome all friends to visit us in our factory,Yingda promise that we will supply our complete ideal solution of 4D cinema for you at any time,including cinema design, installation, debugging, 4D cinema system training, remote service, after-sale service,etc.

3DOF Electronic Motion Effects of Dynamic Chair

3DOF Electronic Motion Effects of Dynamic Chair

Technical Parameters of 4D Motion Seat

Product Name

4DMAX Motion Seat

3DOF Motion Effects

Vibrating,Left/right,Up/down&Forward/ back,back shaker,etc

Product Model


4D Effects


Seat Capacity

4seats in One Row

Servo Motor Speed


Vibrating Frequency


Speed Reducer Reduction Ratio


Pitch Movement

Pitch Range±15º

Pitch Speed  0-30º/s

Pitch Acceleration 0-60º/s^2

Motion positioning precision


Sway Movement

Tilt Range±7º

Tilt Speed  0-30º/s

Tilt Acceleration 0-60º/s^2

Dynamic Response Time



PU Leather or custom made material

Working Temperature




Lifting Movement

Lifting Range 0-160mm

Lifting Speed 0-200mm/s

Lifting Acceleration 0.5g



Motion Seat Weight(kg)


3DOF Electronic Platform Advantages:

  • Movement Accuracy
    Motion Positioning Precision 0.1mm,
    Dynamic Response Time 0.05s,
    Synchronization Accuracy 1 Frame
  • Adaptability
    Choosing precision servo reducer, low-speed operation smoothly, strong anti-load ability,
    It is suitable for instantaneous load fluctuation, high-speed response and rapid start, improving the dynamic simulation performance of the motion seat completely.
  • Low Noise
    Simple Product Mechanical Structure
    Low Noise
    Design Noise 30dB;
  • Stable
    By using new crank swing-arm mechanical structure,it has the functions of wear resistance,high precision&stable performance

4D Motion Cinema Seat Special Effects Read More

4D motion cinema seats are the key equipment of 4D cinemas, also called 4D dynamic chair, 4D movie seats, 4D special effect seats and so on. At present, there is no unified standard in the industry. As one of the earliest 4D cinema service providers, the company delivers positive 4D energy, leads the healthy and orderly development of the 4D cinema industry and makes unremitting efforts to promote the prosperity of the 4D theater cinema industry.

Here is the general description of Yingda Technology Co., Ltd. 4D dynamic chair seats. On this basis, according to the needs of customers and the actual situation, different kinds of power sources can be chosen for  such as pneumatic 4d cinema motion chair like electric 4D motion cinema chair, "electric + pneumatic" 4D motion seats, etc.

Leading 4D cinema solutions service provider Yingda Technology Co., Ltd. (www.yd4dmax.com) wholeheartedly serve you.

Special effects on 4D motion cinema seat and seat platforms

4D movie cinema is a new kind of cinema with special seat effects and special environmental effects on the basis of 3D stereoscopic cinema. According to the story plot of the movie, 4D motion seats produce falling, rising and falling, swinging left and right, swinging up and down, facial spray, facial jet, low-frequency vibration, sweeping legs, poking backs, balling, ear wind and other special effects. Special effects such as rain, snow, bubbles, wind, smoke, lightning make people get the full sense of vision, hearing, touch, smell and so on. In the movie plot, like a dream, you may wonder whether you are in a cinema or in real life. 4D films completely change people's view experience. Special effects equipment can be added or reduced according to customer requirements.

The combination of 4D  dynamic chair special effects and various environmental effects will make the audience feel "real" in the movies and experience the thrills of the movies. 

The 4D motion effects seats provided by Yingda, a renown 4d motion cinema seat manufacturer, can achieve a variety of special effects such as falling, rising and falling, swinging left and right, facial spray, facial jet, low-frequency vibration, sweeping legs, poking backs, balling, and ear wind. These special effects have been widely used in more than 20 mainstream movie theatres in China and worldwide, and its credibility has been well tested. Our 4d theater motion chair is beneficial to the promotion of newly-built or modified 4d motion theater projects.

Characteristics of 4D Motion Effects Seats Read More

The technical and motion parameters of 4D cinema motion chair (taking 4 seat platforms as an example, 2, 3, 4, 5 seat theater chairs are all available):

 Single seat maximum load


The seat size: 


 Platform weight (4 seats): 


4D cinema motion chair system consists of 4D motion seats, upper and lower platforms, platform induction system and water jet railings.

4D motion theater machine supplier - the characteristics of Yingda 4D motion effects seats

1. 4D Theater Motion Chair: Environmental Protection and Energy Saving

  • Effective control platform with photoelectric sensor system: The control system will open if there is someone and closed otherwise. It can effectively control the noise in the cinemas and reduce the consumption of energy.
  • Gas station system: online/offline control is an energy-saving operation mode. When in uninstall runtime, the compressor's internal system will be released quickly and the energy consumption will be reduced to the minimum. When the system falls to the setting value of the rebound pressure, the compression will be automatically loaded to 100% air volume. 

2. 4D Cinema Seats: Safety
  • 4D motion seats: the stress concentration area of the seat iron feet are strengthened to ensure the strength of the iron feet thus improve the safety of the seats.
  • 4D seat platforms: the platform structure adopts laser cutting edge treatment, rivet and high strength bolt connection to avoid the stress concentration and deformation caused by welding and the rigidity change of welding parts, greatly improving the safety.
  • Low-frequency vibration: large power bass audio oscillators adopt a fully enclosed aluminum alloy radiator design which helps quickly dissipate the heat produced at work, strengthen the vibration effect and prolong the service life.

3. 4D Theater Motion Chair: Stability

  • Solenoid valve: the quality of the products enjoys high reputation in the industry, and the performance is especially stable which is suitable for the long-time and high load working condition of the cinema seats. The using times can reach more than 10 million.
  • Special control system: it can read each frame accurately, without losing frame phenomenon, and the performance is stable and reliable.
  • Airbag 4D motion seat: the resistance to pressure can reach 10 kilograms; it works well in the temperature range of minus 40 degrees to 70 degrees.

4. 4D Cinema Seating: Various Types 

Hydraulic, electric, pneumatic (airbag) available to meet different needs of customers.

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