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5D Cinema

5D Cinema

4DMAX 5D Cinema is the most thrilling&immersive cinema experience-short films(5-15mins) with 4D effects, the most popular model for customers is 6 seats 5D Cinema, 9seats 5D Cinema, etc,4DMAX 5D Cinema are equipped with innovative technology motion seats that move in perfect sync with on-screen action. You will be able to experience special effects such as wind, fog, lightning and scents when watching a movie.4DNAX 5D Cinema enables you to connect with the short movie, sending you on a journey with the different characters.

Electric 5D Dynamic Cinema for Amusement Park

Advantages of The Newest Electric Platform for 5D cinema:

*6DOF electric motion platform, faster and more exciting
*Strong wear-proof & heatproof material, the best performance
*Best movement, Simplest structure, with alloy steel electric cylinder and electric box
*Germany stainless steel material, Longest lifetime
*220v power, Most energy saving
*The newest electronic technology, Nearly no need maintenance

5D Dynamic cinema:

It is assembled with 6 hydraulic cylinders, 2 iron platforms, engine, control unit and air cooler. Along with the different combinations of 6 cylinders' up-and-down movement, the upper platform moves toward 6 dof, X,Y,Z,  α, β, γ, to simulate the real world. Actually, besides 6 dof, the platform is improved by adding 8 more movement directions including left-front, left-back, right-front etc.

5D Cinema Introduction:

Cabin for 6 /9 connected seats

Size (L*W*H)/M: L6m*W3m*H3m

Cabin for 6 individual seats

Size (L*W*H)/M: L6m*W3.5m*H3.5m

LCD Display

LCD 19 inches


Professional Digital Control Machine

3D Glasses

ABS plastic frame

Maximum Tilt Angle

Of About 14 Degrees

Maximum tilt angle

Of About 17 Degrees

Louder Speaker

5.1 channel audio

Projection System

2 Epson Projectors

Blowback System

Nozzle; electromagnetic valve

Payment terms

T/T, 30% deposit, 70% paid before shipping; cash before delivery

Packaging details

Stretch film inside, wooden case outside


Guangzhou, Tianjin, etc

Leading time

About7-10 days after getting the deposit

Diagram of 5D Dynamic Cinema

Diagram of 5D Dynamic Cinema
4DMAX 5D Dynamic chair is 6dof electric motion platform seat,the electric platform consists of six strong electric cylinders with six independent motors and two parallel iron platforms,the motors control cylinders to move up/down,etc,it can realize the realistic feelings of vibrating,sweep leg,sway&twist,back shaker,face air,etc.

5D Dynamic Theater 6DOF Electronic Motion Seat Effects

5D Dynamic Theater 6DOF Electronic Motion Seat Effects

Successful Cases of 5D Dynamic Cinema

Successful Cases of 5D Dynamic Cinema
Cases of 5D Dynamic Cinema

5D Dynamic Theater Environmental Effects

  • Lighting Simulation
    Lighting Simulation
    Simulating the thunder in the film, produce dazzling lighting, and accompanied by the roar of lighting, so that the audience seems to be in the thunderstorm days.
  • Wind Simulation
    Wind Simulation
    Using fan to produce wind effect, simulate the wind in the scene or a large-scale gas flow.
  • Snow Simulation
    Snow Simulation
    Snowmachine could high efficiently and fastly make snow, making people get immersive into snow world.
  • Rain Simulation
    Rain Simulation
    When there are have a rainy scene in the film, the rain machine will make rainwater according to film.
  • Smoke Simulation
    Smoke Simulation
    Simulating a large amount of smoke from the combustion, always come with flame when smoke appears.
  • Bubble Simulation
    Bubble Simulation
    Diver and aquatic spit out many bubbles when underwater, people are very enjoying it around with bubble.
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