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Luxury 5D Motion Chair

Luxury 5D Motion Chair

5D Theater Chairs

5D theater, as the name implies us that 5D is more advanced visual and sensory art representation than 3D technology that is not yet widely available. It includes all the features of 3D theater, while also takes the advantage of external factors such as seat effects, environment effects and sound to achieve super-realistic visual effects. With the development of film plots, the realistic picture of the simulation will change rapidly. You may feel this change from the aspects of sight, smell and touch. The immersive feeling can be reflected to the utmost. Among them, 5D Cinema has joined the story interactive game, you can pick up the props into the story and feel the magic. When compared to 3D cinema, 5D movies are not very extensive.
5D Theater Chairs

Luxury Motion Theater Chair (4Seater Unit)

Main Features for Luxury 5D Theater:

The luxurious 5D cinema equipment is composed of projection image system, sound system, dynamic seat, special effects system, play control system, account system, etc. we can supply complete 5D theater solution for you,including 2-200seat, theater plan design, theater investment evaluation, seat drawing, wiring construction diagram, etc.

The Main Features of Luxury 5D Cinema Equipment:

1. Using engineering projector with large screen and advanced audio to create first-class audio-visual effects
2. Luxury dynamic seat adopts top quality FRP material for supreme enjoyment,its whole chair appearance looks exquisite and attractive.
3. The dynamic seat movement is fast and smooth, and the viewers' feet are suspended, as if they are in the air and create super sensory stimulation experience when watching movies
4. Super special effects: environmental effects include wind, rain, snow, lightning, bubble, fragrance, smoke. Chair motion effects include water spray, air jet, sweep leg, back poker, vibration,etc.
5. The smart account system supports the text message on the mobile, so that the boss knows the business revenues well

Technical Parameters of Luxury Motion Chair:

Luxury Motion Chair




Drive Mode

3DOF Electric Motion Platform

Pitch Movement

Pitch range


Pitch speed


Pitch acceleration


Sway Movement

Tilt range


Tilt speed


Tilt acceleration


Lift Movement

Heave range


Heave speed


Heave acceleration


4D Effects+Chair Movements

Air jet,leg sweep,vibration,poker back,etc.

Vibrating frequency


Servo motor speed


Speed reducer reduction ratio


Motion positioning precision


Dynamic response time


Synchronization control accuracy


Seat Material

FRP material and metal foot pedal also be customized according to customer's requests


less than 50dB

Power supply

220V-50Hz 10A

4d cinema seat
4d dynamic chair from yingda
5d cinema equipment dynamic seat
Successful Luxury 5D Motion Chair
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