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Two Seater Motion Chair

Two Seater Motion Chair

Yingda 4DMAX Two Seater Motion Chair--Creating Immersion Through Motion, did you experience it before?

4DMAX Home Motion Cinema is to supply all customers the best non-distracting&thrilling cinematic motion available in the world, the benefits of updated immersive technology could be experienced in all family home theaters.the best immersive cinematic motion could be integrated into customers’home theater which makes viewers enjoy the most amazing&realistic experience, the content has 4DMAX motion code designed for it.

Why is our 4DMAX two seater motion chair popular for oversea customers now? Please kindly check our more advantages as below:

-Firstly, our 4DMAX two seater motion chair is made of top quality crank mechanism structure,it is three degree of freedom electric motion platform for customers,we should concentrate on our quality for customers,its lifetime is about up to 8-10years, low noise(30dB), less maintenance for safe purchase(Electric 3DOF motion platform), etc.

-Secondly, its important point is that our unique advantage was attracted by our overseas customers. For example, our 4D two seater  dynamic chair for home theater can realize 3DOF motion effects, vibrating, up/down, forward/back,left/right, turbulence,etc, this chair can also synchronize with playing the Hollywood movies on the screen,it can do realize the motion simulation of film plots when you are seated in this chair, it can make two people enjoy the shocking experience at the same time, it is very economic for our oversea customers, so our final goal is to help make viewers enjoy realistic&immersive experience when watching movies, as you know, they can be applied into different theater places, such as home, private theater, amusement park places, VIP club theater, engineering big theaters for more profits, etc.

-Thirdly, we can surely help add our some 4D effects for customers in the world, such as bubble, lightning, wind, etc, Yingda can also help customer design the 360° panoramic video scheme for different 4D/5D theaters, including complete theater solution, full equipment (4DMAX player, 4DMAX dynamic chair, effect equipment, sound system, screen, projector, etc), our purpose is to help customers save their time&energy to make one special theater for thrilling experiences here,thanks.

4DMAX Two Seater Motion Chair Features:

Movement Accuracy
Motion Positioning Precision 0.1mm,
Dynamic Response Time 0.05s,
Synchronization Accuracy 1 Frame

Choosing precision servo reducer, low-speed operation smoothly, strong anti-load ability,

It is suitable for instantaneous load fluctuation、high-speed response and rapid start,improving the dynamic simulation performance of the motion seat completely.

Low Noise
Simple Product Mechanical Structure
Low Noise

Design Noise 30dB;

Stable Performance&Long Life

By using new crank swing-arm mechanical structure,it has the functions of wear resistance,high precision&stable performance

Various Seat Styles

A variety of styles, color optional or exclusively custom-made according to customers' request;

Low Maintenance Cost
The screw&electric cylinder takes 1-3 years for one-time replacement according to different products ,however,crank swing-arm mechanical structure is up to 8 years

4DMAX HD 4D Player is Core Part of 4D Home Cinema

The 4D player can sync with 4D motion sofa completely, it can control the Motion Sofa,4DMAX motion code is built inside the player, it uses colorful image dynamic processing technology, high-end super clear cinema video system, HDMI digital HD video image, High-end configuration, mass film contents. It brings you into the perfect world of audio&video.

4DMAX HD 4D Player

Technical Parameters of 4D Home Cinema Motion Chair

Product Name

4DMAX Two Seater MotionChair

3DOF Motion Effects


Product Model


Vibrating Frequency


Seat Capacity


Servo Motor Speed


Load Capacity   (KG)


Speed Reducer Reduction   Ratio


Dynamic Way

Pitch Range±15º

Pitch Speed  0-30º/s

Pitch Acceleration 0-60º/s^2

Motion positioning precision


Swing Movement

Tilt Range±15º

Tilt Speed  0-30º/s

Tilt Acceleration 0-60º/s^2

Dynamic Response Time



Top Quality Real leather

Working Temperature




Lifting Movement

Lifting Range 0-100mm

Lifting Speed 0-150mm/s

Lifting Acceleration 0.5g



Motion Seat Weight(kg)


Ground Loading Capacity


Production Lines of 4DMAX Two Seater Motion Chairs

4DMAX Two Seater Motion Chairs

Two Seater Motion Chairs

4D home theater

Yingda will always focus on doing R&D motion chairs for 4D home theater, 4D/5D movie theater, VR cinema in China, we should have made great performance at 4D home theater too, such as Europe project, USA, Canada, other more Chinese projects, etc,please kindly check our project cases photos as below:

4D home theater

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