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Virtual Reality Treadmill

Virtual Reality Treadmill

Virtual reality treadmill is our innovative&attractive commercial VR product in our factory, its technology had been upgraded for us perfectly in 2017, which can be suitable for various of mainstream VR headset, rich free mobile VR games&VR platform, it can make visitors enjoy thrilling virtual reality game experience safely.

Choosing to use waist belt is to ensure your safety firstly, the viewers can walk, run, jump and crouch freely, these movements are tracked onto the virtual environment, which can reduce motion sickness and enjoy the realistic and immersive VR game experience.

virtual reality running machine

VR Walking platform is brand-new omni-directional VR treadmill, we can supply full smart solution for solving these main VR issues, including space limitation, free movement safety and motion sickness.

4DMAX VR Walker is the world grade unlimited space VR equipment

  • Free movement in the virtual world when can run,walk,crouch,etc
  • It's suitable for different bodies
  • It's has the function of multiplayer
  • It can track different motion signals(head,body and feet),there is no any little signal delay perfectly
  • Its appearance design is exquisite and attractive

4DMAX 360 degree treadmill VR can collect accurate datas from three different sources, such as hand controller, VR headset and body

virtual reality gaming treadmill

Technical Parameter of Virtual Reality Treadmill:


Virtual reality gaming treadmill


all kind of free mobile VR games

VR headset


People height


People weight


Data interface




Device height





2.76square meter

virtual treadmill walk
360 degree treadmill
VR platform walking

VR Treadmill Project Cases:

Virtual reality gaming treadmill is suitable for Theme Park/VR centre/Shopping Mall/VR Entertainment Park, etc

360 degree treadmill vr

running virtual reality
vr walking device
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