Yingda 4DMAX
4D 5D movie cinema

5D Cinema Technology

Environmental effects mainly is to sync with the movie screen completely, for example, when watching the 5D film, if it appears the rain image on movie screen, the special effects that we do for this 5d motion cinema is to make the audiences feel the rain in the body, if the  blowing the wind in the movie, the audiences will feel the wind synchronously, if it appears the fog in the movie,the audience could feel the smoke around them,the Environmental effects equipment mainly include bubble machine, rain machine, wind machine, snow machine, fog machine, flash machine, air compressor, they can create the feeling of rain, wind, snow, smoke, flash, and others.

5D Cinema Technology

The seat motion effects system can make the audiences feel the effect of turbulence, vibration and heave.the seat effects are especially noticeable when viewers watch adventure movies and horror movies. For example, the audience is looking at the roller coaster movie, seat can let the audience feel up and down, swoop, In the virtual world of the movie, you can experience the thrill of flying through the mountains.

Audio-visual effects system includes metal screen, projector, rack (with polarized lens, piece), broadcast server, control cabinets, screens, bass speaker, the main speakers, surround speakers, amplifiers and other equipment.

The software system includes the movie special effects action editor, the movie player, the synchronization control system, the action special effects system and the environmental effects system. The equipment mainly includes high configuration computer, monitor, cabinet and so on.