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The 7D interactive movie is a dynamic journey.Sound, light, shade, water, fog, smoke, strong shaking when the earthquake comes, landslides and the feeling of losing, it has created strong 7D interactive film experience, it makes the audio-visual art become real feelings through the sensor, light sensor, the use of the shaking shock and so on.

7D Interactive film is an innovative project combining game entertainment with dynamic cinema technology and is also a new concept of entertainment media industry. Its basic meaning is to make the viewers become the character in the movie, viewers are Involved in the film plots, it can make them feel himself being a character in the movie, it can continue producing interaction with video contents.

7D interactive cinema

7D interactive film market has always been attracted by many people, 5D motion theater opens a new situation for the film market, during the process of rapid development&continuous innovation of 5D film, it will introduce 7D the latest scientific and technological achievements, which is a new high-tech simulation people against amusement products. With 5D environmental effects, it is combined the latest international popular 3d, 4d technology with interactive technology, it can create a variety of amusement equipment, according to each theme of amusement equipment, it can simulate the scene of the theme and the movie plots with motion seat& special effects. simulation virtual out the theme of the scene and film and television plot, and match, 7D cinema simulation for each seat is equipped with a pistol,it can make  tourists and film characters play against monsters in real time, after the game, through the system statistics&published ranking,it can produce result of competition between the audiences, to win by hitting the enemy well&experience the joy and pride to beat the competition to complete the task. These will give the audience unprecedented stimulation and happiness, so that the audience will linger on, thus causing the audience to repeat the impulse and desire.

7D Cinema Technology
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