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What is a 5D Movie?

5D technology is a high-tech cultural product that combines technology and culture. 5D cinema is the next generation of virtual reality products based on 4D cinema. It uses seat effects and environmental effects to mimic actual events with simulated scenes and special environmental effects. Through plot-based interaction, the audience can participate and fully integrate into the plot to experience a fantasy simulation and thrilling adventure.

As a form of cinematic artistic expression based on 4D cinema, 5D Cinema combines the senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and motion in a perfect blend. When watching the film, the audience can not only "touch" the objects in the film, but also "encounter" the wind, rain, thunder and lightning and other scenes, making people immersive and interesting. 5D Cinema is a collection of high technology that allows viewers to experience realistic scenes with maximum simulation. The 5D movie is also an excellent sci-fi facility that allows viewers to experience the joy of space roaming in reality. For example, when watching a 5D film, if it shows a scene of rain, the environmental effects we make can let the audience feel the rain on their bodies. When the wind is blowing in the film, the audience will feel the wind, and when the film shows fog, the audience also can feel the fog around them.

The 5D Cinema consists of three elements: a three-dimensional projection system; vibrating seats and special effects equipment; and computer control systems. These three work together to form a system that stimulates the audience's visual, auditory, tactile and sensory senses, reproducing the environment and details of the film's subject matter, as well as the audience's encounters in the particular environment, creating an overall immersive effect. For example, when the audience are watching a three-dimensional movie, they can feel the events around them that correspond to the three-dimensional image changes, such as storms, thunder and lightning, rain, collisions, spraying water mist and so on, and their seats will shake and sway accordingly.

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